Binary Blaster (Windows Running Python 2.7)

These instructions work on ADIT machines (at least, the last time we checked :) ).

Download the Binary Blaster game for Windows here.

  1. Unzip the file to your disk

  2. Open up the Python 2.6->IDLE (Gui) application from the start menu. Python 2.7 won't work because they don't have the all-important pygame library installed for 2.7 :(

  3. Navigate to and open the file from where you unraveled the ZIP archive.

  4. Choose Run Module from the IDLE menu.

Other Systems

Installation on non-windows machines:

  1. Install Python and then PyGame.

  2. Download and unzip to your disk the Binary Blaster archive.

  3. Finally, go to where you unzipped (installed) Binary Blaster, simply run the script.

You should now be ready to play. Simply run the script.

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